Hello. - Nate Ralph


 I’m an aspiring wordsmith, currently plying my trade as a senior writer at Dropbox. In a past life I dabbled in hardware and software reviews, a bit of tech business and culture news, with the occasional foray into video games. I enjoy building things, reading a good story, traveling to new places to take far too many photos, and ogling shiny new gear. And writing!

Here's a bit of my old stuff:

• I ran through the tech gauntlet at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, and came away with a sudden, wholly unexpected aversion to Virtual Reality.  But a funny thing happened just a few weeks later: it turns out mini golf is my gateway drug.

For my review of Microsoft's Windows 10, I spent several months working with experimental preview builds, offering analysis and writing how-to content that would help readers find their way around the operating system.

• My reviews of Apple's iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan fall into a similar vein, with seemingly superficial aesthetic changes masking a lot of useful upgrades.

• And sometimes, work means traveling to check out cool things, like the 2015 Oculus Connect 2 conference.

There's plenty more besides. Those  links down at the bottom will offer up almost everything I've ever written (in a professional capacity), at various publications.



My work at CNET

My work at VentureBeat

My work at The Verge

My work at TechHive

My work at PCWorld

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